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Terrier, American Staffordshire/Boxer

Boy howdy I just can't catch a break!

First off, I landed myself in a rescue after emergency surgery because I ate some stuff I wasn't supposed to. I threw up the washcloth, but the hand towel didn't come out, so it was off to the vet I went.

Surgery went well and it quickly became evident that I have allergies and hadn't been fed properly which caused me to lose a lot of my hair and makes my skin pretty red most of the time. I was feeling a lot better when I was on Apoquel and that might be required again if I can't figure out what I'm allergic to.

I'm a big, lovey, fuzzy, goofball and all I want is a home where I'm going to be loved and cared for like I deserve. I'm rowdy sometimes but respectful, I LOVE to cuddle and lay in your bed so that's a must. I do ok with other dogs once properly introduced, typically I will run from confrontation. I was hanging out with a bunch of big poodles and we did pretty well.
I'm really bored and don't like living at the rescue and want a real home where I can develop my full potential. Will you help me do that?


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