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PBP Success Stories

At The Pitbull Pen, every wagging tail and joyful bark is a testament to the power of second chances. Our dedicated team of dog lovers is overjoyed to share the incredible journeys of our four-legged friends who have found their forever homes. These stories of transformation and triumph remind us why we're so passionate about rescue work.

Here, you'll read about the resilient souls who've gone from uncertain beginnings to lives filled with love, laughter, and adventure. Each tale not only showcases the extraordinary resilience of our canine family, but also highlights the compassion and kindness of the adopters who opened their hearts and homes.

Join us in celebrating the incredible bonds that have been forged, the lives that have been transformed, and the spirits that have been uplifted. These success stories inspire us to keep working tirelessly for every wagging tail still seeking a loving family.

Thank you for being a part of The Pitbull Pen's journey. We hope these stories warm your heart and remind you of the beautiful transformations that happen when love and dedication meet paws and whiskers.

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"I lost my 14 year old GSD mix Violet in August 2022.  I didn’t think I’d be ready, and didn’t know if I was, but I found myself looking casually at potential new canine family members in February. I really missed having a dog around.  I found myself coming back to the same photo of this dog…. The big ears, the long snout, and reading the charming bio.  After about week of back and forth, I decided to put in an application to meet the dog. I volunteer and foster for Silver Cloud Cat Sanctuary, so I appreciated the steps TPBP took to be sure I would be a good fit for the dog, and that the dog was a good fit for me. They came and met my kitty crew, which includes a special needs cat who has cerebellar hypoplasia.  They also understood that I have kittens in and out of my home at various stages of life while they get ready for adoption. The day finally came for me to meet the dog I applied for….  And he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. I looked at Amber and told her I was looking for my next heart dog, not just any dog. I didn’t feel connected to him at all…. He was lovely and polite and handsome, but he wasn’t my dog. I was ready to just say goodbye, and put it all on hold. Maybe I only get one heart dog in this life …. And I was lucky to have her for 14 years. Before I left she asked me if I was open to a female dog, and if I’d be open to meeting a different dog. That’s when I met Ziva. 62 pounds. Clearly a  DIVA, and clearly happy, but also stressed at the rescue. I spent some time with her, she helped herself to my bag of treats. Very savvy.  I was surprised when I was told I could take her out for a walk.  We got her ready to leave the rescue, and loaded her into my car. That first walk was challenging, but she was thrilled to have a little time outside the rescue. I made an appointment to take her out the following weekend. We dated for a few weeks like this, and she showed me she loved the trail and was excited, but also wanted to please me.  The one question that remained was if she would be ok with my kitty crew who had only ever been exposed to a geriatric dog. So we arranged for Ziva to spend spring break with me. It was very challenging; the kitties were scared, and Ziva was overly excited about kitty friends. Our week came to a close, and I loved her, and could see her beautiful heart and spirit, but her brain was all wound up from her survival journey.  I inquired about sending her back to Maddox dog training for a refresher course, and we made the arrangements. Volunteers at TPBP continued Ziva’s cat training, and it didn’t go well.  Fostering kitties, and having a special needs kitty in my home I couldn’t risk having a cat assertive dog. I had to make the decision to dump everything I had into Ziva and take a chance on her, or to just let her return to the rescue. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t give her every chance possible to thrive. I sent her back to Maddox for a 4 week refresher course. She did really well, was happy to be there, and was definitely a staff favorite. She came home with me on a foster to hopefully adopt on May 17.  Ziva is a high energy and high drive dog with an impressive level of intelligence. She is also an escape artist with wanderlust, so I had no choice but to crate her while I was at work. I began getting up at 4 to walk her 3-4 miles before work, coming home at lunch to walk her another 1-2 miles, and walking her before bed another 1-2 miles. We worked on being nice to kitties, and being a good family member, and Ziva continued to show wonderful progress. On June 30, her 2nd birthday, and 5 days shy of her 1 year anniversary with TPBP we finalized her adoption. Ziva continues to unwind from the traumas of the first years of her life.  She is doing well with kitty training, and we are working on a few other things as well. Ziva is finally unwinding, relaxing, and enjoying couch naps. She also is learning to love toys, use a slide, snuggle, and be a best friend. Ziva is an absolute sweetheart with love for pretty much everyone. After all she’s been through, she gives away love like candy at a parade. She loves to chase her tail, and roll somersaults through the yard. She gets excited for treats and belly rubs. Ziva has also gained a healthy 18 pounds, and looks amazing. This girl is a brilliant and beautiful DIVA!! I am lucky enough to have found a second heart dog. It’s amazing how your heart grows bigger in grief to let in the next dog, never forgetting the previous."

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