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#Success Stories

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At The Pitbull Pen, every wagging tail and joyful bark is a testament to the power of second chances. Our dedicated team of dog lovers is overjoyed to share the incredible journeys of our four-legged friends who have found their forever homes. These stories of transformation and triumph remind us why we're so passionate about rescue work.

Here, you'll read about the resilient souls who've gone from uncertain beginnings to lives filled with love, laughter, and adventure. Each tale not only showcases the extraordinary resilience of our canine family, but also highlights the compassion and kindness of the adopters who opened their hearts and homes.

Join us in celebrating the incredible bonds that have been forged, the lives that have been transformed, and the spirits that have been uplifted. These success stories inspire us to keep working tirelessly for every wagging tail still seeking a loving family.

Thank you for being a part of The Pitbull Pen's journey. We hope these stories warm your heart and remind you of the beautiful transformations that happen when love and dedication meet paws and whiskers.

Officer Shadow

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Shadow, received his badge from the Chief of the Washington State Patrol,
John Batiste. Shadow completed months of odor detection training with his handler,
Trooper Moss, and will serve with WSP in the Homeland Security Division. Shadow was
noted as being adored by all the K9 instructors and handlers and eager to work. Shadow
proved his worth, in his second week of being on the job, when he alerted to a firearm
inside a vehicle.

K9 Shadow resides with his handler and his family in Pierce County where he gets to live
with a St. Bernard and Pomeranians, both of which Shadow enjoys.
Opportunities for rescue dogs to become working dogs are rare, and The Pit Bull Pen was
thrilled to receive this chance for Shadow. Our pride is shared by Shadow’s original
rescue and foster from Pendelton Animal Welfare Shelter (PAWS) / Pioneer Humane
Society, Coyote Ridge’s Ridge Dog program where Shadow received basic training as
well as many volunteers and supporters of The Pit Bull Pen. Our Executive Director,
Trish TrickiT also received The Chief’s Coin from Chief Batiste for her support of
Shadow and WSP as well as the Homeland Security Division K9 Coin.

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