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Terrier, American Pit Bull

Meet Pinkie!

Pinkie is a high energy pup but able to relax or nap easily. She’s loveable and snuggly; the very first night at my house she climbed onto my bed and cuddled up next to me, sleeping soundly all night. Loves to play rowdy, fetch balls (she's learning to bring back the ball), put her head out the car window, and eat her meals; also loves chewy toys and stuffed animals.

She has excellent hearing and will sound a bark alarm if she hears something moving outside; however, she quiets down quickly once I reassure her that everything is ok. She is beautiful, a bright white with blue-green eyes and elegant pink in her ears and face. She’s an all around sweetheart.

Pinkie would benefit from an individual or family who could take her on adventures. She is adaptable, learning to live with our family cat and playing nicely with a friend’s tiny puppy. She can be nervous at introductions and will need an adopter and any dogs to understand her need for a slower pace.

Pinkie is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. She is currently located in Tri Cities, Washington.

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