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Retriever, Black Labrador

Nick is a striking 11 month old black lab mix with love and energy to spare. He is going to be a fantastic family member, but he has some requirements in his forever home. His ideal home is one with a friendly dog and low human traffic. He has graduated from training at Coyote Ridge.

Nick is a loyal, smart and loving dog. He loves to run and play with other friendly and playful dogs. Strangers need to be introduced slowly and on his terms. Nick needs a calm home with patient humans.

Once he learns he can trust you, you will see that is he a wonderful dog. You can earn his trust by spending time with him in a quiet place while allowing him to explore the area and you. It's important not to rush this process.

Nick has some characteristics that need to be known by potential adopters to ensure his long term success:
-He will bark at strangers like the mailman and intruders.
-He will do best in a home with another friendly dog to keep him occupied.
-He needs a home that does not get a lot of guests.
-He does well in the kennel, which can be used when new guests come to the home.
-He does well when left alone, he is not destructive, he will find a quiet spot and nap.

Nick will be a great dog if he goes to the right home. He is proficient in cues like- sit, down, place, kennel, leave it, high 5, high 10, shake, crawl and leash walking!!

Nick is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed. He is currently located in Tri Cities Washington. His adoption fee is $450.

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