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Collie, Border/Cattle Dog, Australian

Freckles is a 3 year old heeler/border collie mix.

I'm Freckles and my life has changed A LOT the past few months. See, my foster momma says she "integrated" me into her "ZooCrew" which are her special doggies and I'm pretty special so that's where I needed to be. Before that I was always outside, with my brothers who have been adopted or are in a foster away from me. I like it and get to meet new doggies often and I have 2 buddies named Lucky and Hemi that I just LOVE!!! I lick their faces, am all wiggly when I get out of the crate to go outside for a while. Hemi don't like it much and sometimes he chases me away and then we wrestle and run around. I get into trouble with Lucky cuz him and I are bigger and we get running, jumping and tearing through the house we have so much fun we forget that we're inside. Sunday I laughed so hard when Lucky fell off the bed but then I forgot and I fell off the bed which wasn't as funny but he thought so. I like it here a lot but I think it's time to free up a spot for a dog in need and that means I need adopted.

Now foster momma says I'm whatever a "diamond in the rough" and with some training I will be the bestest dog ever. I do know how to sit, I can be lured into a crate with special treats and will go to sleep but I would rather sleep on the bed with you. I do have a bad habit or two of pulling things from the garbage or sampling shoes or dirty laundry on occasion but it smells like you so how can you blame me, right?

I need time to get to know you when we first meet and I'll need some practice going places, being on leash, riding in the car, your friends need to give me time to get used to them and I will because foster momma says I'm a "rock star" and that I can do anything!!!

Freckles is current on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and ready to love you. He is a little shy at first, but once you earn his trust, he will be your best friend!

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