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Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix

Everyone's favorite goofy girl Frankie popping in to remind everyone she's still single and ready to mingle!

Frankie has Cerebellar hypoplasia, which means part of her brain stem didn't didn't develop enough. It affects her balance and coordination. She has been living with it her whole life and it doesn't keep her from living a fulfilling life at all. She can run and play like other dogs and she is the most cheerful creature you'll ever meet. Generally she sometimes stumbles or steps off edges, she has occasional head bobbing motions, and she tends to hold her back legs wider apart than is usual. This is not a degenerative condition and the Frankie you meet today is the Frankie she will continue to be. It is not painful and she can be expected to have a normal lifespan.

Other dogs tend to be uncomfortable around Frankie and she has learned to expect them to be unpleasant to her. As a result we feel it is in her best interest to go to an only dog home. She has been cat neutral. She adores humans! Strangers are just friends she hasn't met yet. She is slightly awkward as if her legs aren't all original factory parts and her tongue is frequently out. She is a bit odd and beyond lovable.

Frankie is a year old mixed breed, predominantly Staffie and Rottweiler. She is dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated, spayed, and ready to be odd and lovable with her forever family. She is a volunteer favorite and is cheerful living at the rescue, she doesn't really know any other life, but we are all wishing she could find her people who will love her as much as we do. She is currently in Tricities Washington. Her adoption fee is $400.

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