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Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mixed Breed

Everyone needs a hero sometimes. Cypress was mine in February when I was approached by loose dogs and he calmly stepped in front of me. His protection meant I escaped without injury, but this brave boy suffered some deep punctures and soft tissue damage.

Now Cypress has recovered and needs a hero himself. He needs an adoptive home. Over a year ago Cypress was starved, frost bitten, and alone out in the country. He had taken shelter in a rural building and was frightened, not letting anyone approach him, and he wouldn't leave. They were out of options and we stepped in. With love and hot dogs we brought him to safety and since then he has been a part of The Pit Bull Pen family.

He flourished in a safe warm home with consistent meals and soon showed he was well house trained and loved tough chew toys and tearing up stuffed animals. We recently discovered his love for playing in water! He has been neutered, dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. He is a solid 80 pounds of love. He has gone through many months of training at @mattox and is eager to show off his skills.

We recently learned he is much older than we believed and our boy is an aged but still enthusiastic overgrown puppy at 8 years old. He does well with people with appropriate introductions and once he decides you are safe your lap is fair game, he is convinced he fits perfectly. He mostly ignores other dogs and does best with other polite dogs and more submissive ones.
Cypress cannot be housed with cats and is very high drive toward them.

Cypress was worth saving. He was worth healing him from frostbite and helping him gain weight. He was worth investing months of intensive training into. He deserves to find his amazing forever home where he can bask in the sun and frolic in water. He will be a beloved family member. He is currently in Tri-cities Washington and his adoption fee is $350.

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