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Chihuahua/Mixed Breed

Sweet frightened Casey has made some real progress at being comfortable in a home with a family. He has stopped flinching at every sudden movement and no longer desperately hides his food, knowing there will always be more. His conflicted little life grows ever less conflicted as he learns the humans he is so drawn to won't cause him harm.

Casey has had 10 teeth removed and he is feeling so much better now. We have also come to learn he has lost some vision and almost all hearing. He can see well enough to navigate daily life but the loss adds to his fearfulness. The way to his heart is through his stomach and he can be so brave for cheese.

Casey is extremely dog friendly and a fantastic canine pack member. His quality of life is greatly improved by having a calm friendly dog to follow the cues of to compensate for his loss of senses and help him be more confident. He is cat neutral, ignores them completely. He is some type of small breed mix and comes from a past with a lot of dogs around and not many humans at all.

Casey will need a very special forever home. A calm quiet home that understands this isn't a dog who will walk into your home and settle in. A companion who will know how hard it is for him the first time he tentatively nudges your hand, and will rejoice in the meaning of it. A family who will work as hard as he will to come together over time to be safe and loved. He needs another stable happy balanced dog in the home to follow the lead of. He also needs a secure environment indoors and out, he could be flight risk due to his fear and open doors are especially tempting. He will also be required to wear a gps collar.

Casey is vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and neutered. He is located in Tri-cities Washington. Casey is safe and happy in his foster home, and slowly growing braver, but he really does need a forever person of his own. They are out there somewhere. His adoption fee is $350.

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