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Terrier, Pit Bull

Cain and Enoch are stunning beautiful blue brothers. They were originally adopted from us as puppies but their person has had some life changes and they are looking for new people to cherish them as much as their first one. This has been a heartbreaking situation for their person. These dogs are bonded and we will be doing everything possible to keep them together as everything will be unfamiliar, they will only have each other.

Cain and Enoch have been well raised and well trained with love and will be amazing additions to their new home. They are now 2 years old and large bully types. They do best with humans that are home more than they are away. They are dog friendly and good with people, due to their size we prefer older children. Cats are unknown.

The boys are microchipped, vaccinated, and neutered. Currently located in Tri Cities, Washington.

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