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Wally's Story

Updated: May 25, 2023



We got a call this morning about a starved dog eating garbage in a Walmart parking lot. Starved doesn’t come close to describing what we found when we got there. This dog is in crisis, weak and terrified, and temperatures are expected to be sky high today.

We have no room, our resources are constantly stretched to the breaking point, but we couldn’t look into this face and walk away. His name is now Wally and we are trying to help him live. He has been admitted to Horse Heaven Hills Pet Urgent Care and now we wait to see if he has an underlying condition. So far he is fighting to live.

If you know this dog please contact us, we would love to speak with the owner.

This won’t be cheap. Please help Wally. As long as he keeps fighting we will fight for him. Donations can be called directly into Horse Heaven Hills at 509-581-0647.

(Update 5/21/23)

Our boy‘s test results were great and he seems to have no underlying condition that led to this. That means we are looking at slow weight gain, skin treatment, and infections rather than tackling a lurking illness while he is weak. He has been released from the vet for home treatment. He has a long recovery ahead but he is showing every intention to conquer it.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every dollar you gifted this dog. Without you we just couldn’t have saved him. Thank you as well to the amazing staff at Horse Heaven Hills Pet Urgent Care for their gentle care.

Wally will be looking for a recovery foster home in the near future. He appears to be neutral to other animals and human friendly so far but we will be assessing him further as he feels better. If you’d like to apply to share your home with this special dog please apply at

Thank you from us all, and Wally.

(Update 5/25/23)

Wally is beginning to thrive. He is going to be an incredible companion for someone, is it you? You can apply at

Thank you all for loving him!

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